Megan Harpin

Debut Novella - The Mark

The Mark is the debut novella by Megan Harpin, delving into the world of the mystical and the realms of the macabre and magic.

Hayley, on the surface, is the typical teenage girl; however, life has seemingly already taken its toll and at such an early age. Distanced from her parents and sent away to live with her grandmother, Hayley finds herself thrust into a somewhat sheltered life, far away from those of her peers. But, little does she know, she is destined for so much more.

A seemingly innocuous birthmark has troubled her for most of her young life, but inexplicably it has formed into much more, in a sense it seems to be the source of her freshly burgeoning power. Something so innocently banal has given rise to untold potential, offering a gateway to life so far removed from her quiet reality.

Adventure and responsibility awaits her on a journey she had never dreamt possible.

Published by Olympia Publishers