Q and A

Why did I decide to write in the first place?

I’ve always loved books. From a young age, I was enamoured with the multitude of different stories that were created, some being in the same genre but so different at their core. It amazed me that these stories could transport me to a different world; forming a connection to the characters, feeling their pain and sorrow but also their happiness and triumph. I think that being able to tell a story of your own is such a powerful and fascinating talent. Everyone has that capability; there is nothing stopping anyone from writing. I wanted the opportunity to be able to share my own story and delve into the world that I had read from afar.

Where did my inspiration come from?

My favourite books/genre have definitely got to lie in the supernatural/fantasy and the dystopian genre. I feel like there are so many opportunities to explore in both of these genres, especially with the rising of powerful female protagonists in the dystopian genre, particularly. ‘The Mark’ is a perfect balance between the two. Placing it in the middle of them, I wanted to be able to explore this idea that perhaps there is a world within another, and what that would mean for the rest of humanity. Of course, I had to include some form of romance in there. I had always been entranced by the idea of soulmates and if there was such thing as someone being perfectly matched to you. Romance suddenly sounds so much more exciting at the prospect of meeting your other half (which sounds cheesy, I know) rather than going on pointless dates over and over again. Who is Hayley’s soulmate you might ask? You’ll have to read ‘The Mark’ to find out.

How did I get it published?

Once I had written my first manuscript, I was searching for publishers to send it to. I knew that the publishing industry was a hard one to access, especially when you’re a debut author. I found Olympia Publishers, who had the best options for me, and sent it off. I was very fortunate that the first publisher I sent it to wanted to make my dream a reality, and I will forever be grateful. If there are people that are worried about the process, and actually getting into publishing, my advice would be don’t be afraid to be rejected – don’t let that stop you. You may be rejected, but someone will want your ideas and want to help you get your dream and your creation out into the world. It’s definitely worth the risk.