About Megan Harpin

Born in 2003, I was raised in York by my parents, surrounded by nature and wildlife. From a young age, I spoke fluently, and wrote magical stories about fairies dancing in the woods. From the minute I could hold a book, I was entranced by the world of words and imagination, spending most nights reading. Entering into primary school, my love of English grew and I devoured any book that came my way, finishing all the books in the school’s library.

Writing has always been something that holds a special interest for me, with the many characters and voices with which you can craft an entire world from your own imagination, transporting both yourself and your reader to a different time and place. It’s something both basic and unique, telling your story simply through words, conjuring these images on the mind of the reader, connecting them with a different realm and time better than anything else. It’s just you and the words that you write. 

That love of books quickly progressed into loving all forms of literature during secondary school. Whilst I studied a range of books, my passion has always been to entertain people through my writing, so becoming an author has forever been at the forefront of my mind; making a career out of writing just seems like a natural progression.

That desire developed into my debut novel, The Mark